About Us

Cratin Computing has over 50 years of experience in the computer services and voice/data business

It’s true, and there are good reasons why we have been around so long.

Since 1970, Cratin Computing Co., Inc. has provided customized, affordable technology solutions to businesses nationwide.

Long before the use of PCs and modern networks, we were helping businesses incorporate technology by connecting companies to our mainframe computers. In the early years, before off-the-shelf software, our specialties were in accounting, business analysis, databases, and payroll.

Because of our strong background in business systems, we have been able to design networks and systems that increase our clients’ productivity in a multitude of areas. Plus, our decades-long experience assisting clients with CAD software and systems has given us particular knowledge in the engineering, manufacturing and architectural fields.

Now our client base covers a range of vertical markets. Because convergence and integration are critical to today’s companies, we’ve branched out into Telephony and Data Systems.

So, how have we lasted this long?

Our approach is – and always will be – people- and business-oriented. Our satisfaction doesn’t come from the technology, but from listening to our clients’ specific needs, so we can provide the best possible service and the right solutions for the way their businesses work.

We maintain good relationships with our customers, some of which we have had for more than 25 years. There aren’t too many IT consultancies that can say the same. And that experience has unique advantages.

While your business grows, it undergoes dramatic changes over time to stay successful. Isn’t it good to know that there is an IT firm nearby who understands how change affects your business, because they have experienced it themselves?