10 Things We Do Better

10 reasons to choose Cratin Computing for IT support and management over any other provider in the Delaware Valley

Here’s why you should call us today:

  1. GUARANTEED FAST Response Time: Most other firms don’t guarantee response times in writing and take 4-6 hours to respond. This could result in hundreds of hours of downtime per year and that’s unacceptable.
  2. Lightning FAST and EFFICIENT Problem Resolution: Calls are answered live and then directed to a trained technical expert. A dedicated technician will be in charge of your case from start to finish and you’ll have their cell phone numbers too. Plus, our time-saving remote support fixes many technical issues, but if on-site support is required, we’ll be there within 24 hours, usually the same day!
  3. We talk like you do…and we LISTEN: Technical issues are still "real world” problems. We discuss your problem and propose solutions in terms you can understand - no jargon or “Geek Speak”. And your input is critical to solving problems, so if you don’t think we’re listening, we want to know. Our easy-to-read invoices and service offerings are written for you, not for us - clear and clean to avoid any confusion.
  4. Unlike larger service providers, we don't treat our clients like a number: Our clients tell us we make them feel like they are our top priority. Some of them have said that they transferred their IT support from larger companies to Cratin Computing because they felt “lost in the shuffle,” sometimes “begging” for a technician to respond. They say our quick response and personal attention has saved them from chronic technical headaches and hours of downtime.
  5. We view your business as a BUSINESS, not a technical problem: We listen to what you want to do and why, and propose solutions based on your processes, not the latest technical “gizmo” or what results in the best profit scenario for us. Plus, our Quarterly Client Business Reviews make sure we align your business goals with the right technical solutions.
  6. We complete projects within budget and on-time (usually faster!): Our clients tell us that our work on demanding technical projects is top-notch and pain-free. We deliver projects on-time and under budget, without compromising service or quality. You can also expect up-front and open communication. We notify you immediately of unforeseen problems and will work quickly toward a resolution that keeps the project on track.
  7. Your schedule – not ours – comes first: we offer custom scheduling for repairs, upgrades and other support, with the least amount of downtime and inconvenience to you. Our low-cost maintenance and monitoring services offer the most proactive, seamless and least work-intrusive way to keeping your network at its healthiest.
  8. Data Protection and Recovery: We take the extra steps and make it streamlined, low-cost and pain-free for you. Our sufficient redundancy and speedy recovery methods ensures little to no downtime, and we map out customized recovery processes with you BEFORE possible disaster strikes, so you know what to expect regarding process steps and how much time recovery may take.
  9. We are committed to COST-SAVING: Downtime, recurring technical problems, data loss, slow recoveries, out-of-date systems, poor communication technology and other IT inefficiencies can drag your whole business down (and your profits with it). Our state-of-the-art IT support and management services save you money and time. For a low monthly fee, our monitoring systems check over 130 points on your network 24/7, which means that most breakdowns are caught before they happen. Combined with good backup and recovery plans, this approach results in fewer emergency repairs.
  10. We are committed to GOOD SERVICE: Of course, our profit is important to the health of our business, so we won’t tell you money is not important to us. But if the size of our wallets were our only interest, we would not be here today. We’re not a cash register - we are a service provider. That means we focus on 2 things:
    1. The right network and support system to match your business. That means the most time- and cost-efficient solution that is right for you.
    2. We want clients, not just customers. Designing, maintaining and supporting your network requires open and productive communication, as well as time. We take our responsibilities to our clients’ systems and business goals seriously, so we seek clients who share our values: integrity, open communication, teamwork, industry best practices, and excellence.

Still not convinced? We're so confident in what we do and we want to show you how confident. All new clients get their first two hours of service for free - you DO NOT pay for ramp up time for our technicians to get familiar with your computer network.

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