Your one-stop-shop for security and compliance solutions

At Cratin Computing Co., Inc. , we understand that threats to email, Web browsing and instant messaging (IM) are increasingly sophisticated and are on the rise. And some small businesses also need to adhere to regulatory and compliance issues. How is your business addressing the risks associated with lost productivity, loss of data, lawsuits or penalties for non-compliance?

Cratin Computing believes in a proactive approach to your business's safety that results in a well-designed and comprehensive information security solution. We plan, implement, audit, monitor, and manage total information security solutions.

The experts at Cratin Computing provide a wide range of Security Solutions for small and medium businesses, including:

  • Secured Laptop - A holistic solution to protect your computers
  • Email Protection - Prevent spam and viruses from reaching your inbox
  • Email Archiving - Store, archive and search all email communications
  • Web Filtering - Block malicious or inappropriate Web content
  • Managed Firewall - Block malicious traffic
  • Intrusion Protection - Apply a virtual patch to your network
  • Wireless Information Security - Do you know who is using your network?
  • Vulnerability Analysis - Pinpoint the weak spots in your network

If you would like to discuss your Security or Compliance challenges please contact us today for a confidential meeting.