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Welcome to our Free Offer space, where you’ll find service and knowledge offers specially designed for small to midsized business owners and decision makers.

  • **NEW** FREE Secure and Anonymous Business Security Test: How well do you think your business is protected from hackers, ransomware, malware, and other threats? Are your work security policies and plans robust enough to withstand today's intruders? CLICK HERE to take our 5-8 min. multiple-choice test to get your Business Security Score. We won't ask for your contact information, but you can give it to us at the end of the test if you'd like us to help you raise your score and/or design a plan for you and your employees.
  • FREE Network Security Assessment and Health Check: A no risk, no obligation way for you to learn about your network’s possible threats, vulnerabilities, performance draggers, and other weak points. Normally, we charge over $500 for this type of assessment, so this offer is quite valuable. Moreover, it’s an easy way to try out our services at no cost to you. Click here to find out more and to request a Free Health Check for your system.
  • FREE "How to Choose Your IT Provider" Report: Fill in a simple form to receive an important business advisory titled 21 Questions Every Business Owner Must Know About Hiring an Honest, Competent, Responsive, and Fairly Priced Computer Consultant. Step-by-step, it provides a checklist for evaluating a good IT provider, and it will reveal how well your current support stands in comparison.
  • FREE IT Support: Hold onto your money and let us show you what we can do for you. Call us today at 215-793-4200 to schedule 2 hours of IT support for FREE!
  • FREE Cloud Assessment: We will show you how our solutions can benefit your organization by providing a fail-safe network, reducing cost, providing true workforce mobility and increasing productivity through advanced features. Call us today at 215-793-4200 to sign up for a free Cloud Assessment now.
  • Reduce Monthly Phone Cost Case Study: How a VoIP Solution from Cratin Computing Improved Productivity and Reduced Costs for a Local Engineering Firm. Click here to read more. Think a lower monthly bill might work for your business? We think it might! Call us to find out how – 215-793-4200.
  • **NEW** "How to Recognize Phishing Attempts" One-pager: Anyone - from those who can't define "phishing" (don't worry - we'll tell you) to even the most technology-savvy in your organization - anyone can be phished. Our philosophy is "Don't Shame - Train!" Start with sharing this handy downloadable info sheet: Click here for a conversation starter in your workplace. It just takes one wrong click to infect a network. Good security and training is like a vaccine: everyone needs to get on board. Need help with a security strategy? Call us  – 215-793-4200.
  • **NEW** Worksheet - "Tips to Make the Most of Windows 10": Get the most from your IT spend and use this downloadable worksheet to work with your company's different departments to implement some very useful but lesser-known features of Windows 10, like how to use Controlled Access to keep your most important files from ransomware. Improve your collaboration, security, safe communication, and overall efficiency -  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.